About Us

Ventura Medtech Solutions, also known as VMS/ventbio.com, specializes in the maintenance and repair of all forms of lasers. With over twenty years of servicing experience, we are equipped to work on both “legacy” (obsolete) and contemporary laser systems.

What makes us different is our accessibility to our qualified laser technicians on standby to assist you. Customers can reach us 24/7 via phone or video call to help troubleshoot and identify any issues before any necessary on-site visits.

VMS takes pride in our “Rapid response” to service calls for improved client satisfaction.

Our typical response times range between 1 to 3 hours from local California calls and within 24 hours for other states within the U.S.

VMS performs record keeping on preventative maintenance for all our existing clients, allowing the confidence in each device to be performing at its optimal level. This quality of punctuality and attention to detail is unmatched in this industry.

Being that laser maintenance is our primary focus, we can manage this complex modality to allow your local expertise to focus on what our client’s do best; serve in their practice and client’s.

All our innovative services conform with (American National Standards Institute) ANSIz136.3 standards(Safe use of Lasers in Healthcare) VMS vast resource for parts allows us to turn-around repairs in a reasonable and timely manner to receive the parts. To put it simply we do not rely on a single source supplier. For entities looking for a reliable service team to supplement or augment your trusted lasers, then look no further.

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