Aesthetic Devices and Laser Device Maintenance Services in California

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Aesthetic Devices

Medical Spas, Salons, Spa Clinics all utilize various aesthetics devices such as Cavitation, Radiofrequency, Ultrasound, Aqua facial, dermabrasion and others.

Did you know these devices if maintained properly can assure you that they perform and last for years even due to heavy usage? We specialize in Aesthetic Device Service in California.

At Ventura Medtech Solutions (VMS) we specialize on these types of devices.

If you are experiencing weak suction, low power, poor performance and other issues with your devices then give us a call. We provide a no cost phone support to help you navigate with your device issues.

For those accounts looking also to Aesthetic Device Repair in California, their other equipment such as sterilizers, warmers, and others we also perform repairs on medical and aesthetic lasers by brand name manufacturers such as Lumenis, Candela, Cynosure, and others


Lasers are an integral part of your practice whether it is for medical or aesthetic application.

Any type of lasers such as ND Yag, C02, Pico second, require maintenance that is consistent. Typical maintenance interval for lasers are every 6 months. During those months of heavy use your laser filtration system is getting clogged by debris from the lasing process in the laser cavity. Over time without maintenance, it can damage your laser cavity resulting in clogging and blockage, poor cooling performance and eventual breakdown of components. As such we recommend that at least you get your lasers maintained.

Typical parts replaced on lasers during maintenance include but not limited to deionized filter, particulate micron filter, cooling solution and other parts based on years of service.

As your laser ages components such as sensors and switches fail and require replacement.

Trust your Medical Laser Service in California to us at Ventura Medtech Solutions, for clients that are within 25 miles of our service center in Chatsworth receive a no travel charge.

Give us a call for all your servicing needs always remember VENTURA MEDTECH SOLUTIONS (VMS) 747.266.8434 Los Angeles, California.

Walk-ins are welcome!

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