Importance of Audiometer Calibration

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Image of woman with headphones receiving an audiometer test from doctor

Audiometers are widely used and popular to ENT private practitioners, medical groups.

Those that use them to diagnose hearing for your parents should always keep in mind that OSHA requires annual calibration of your Audiometers per ANSI standard S3.39

The importance of getting it calibrated cannot be overemphasized as those facilities that do not comply can be fined and penalized. Did you know that Ventura Medtech Solutions offer calibration of your audiometers and the best part is that we leave you a loaner (at no extra charge) so that you can continue to diagnose your patients?

Getting your Equipment Inspected and Calibrated

As we begin this New Year, we would like to remind you that scheduling your equipment to be calibrated, safety checked and operation verified. Did you know your insurance carrier requires you to have your equipment Biomed certified at least annually? Besides compliance, getting your equipment checked for electrical safety, operation verification, performance assurance will bring reassurance to your patients that the instrumentation used at your practice meets standards and ensure them that you care about their safety and well being. Ventura Medtech Solutions certified biomedical equipment technicians perform annual calibrations, semi-annual calibrations in accordance to State, Insurance, and other Accreditation agency requirements.

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