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Medical Equipment Repair

Table Top Autoclave Maintenance the right way!!

Did you know your autoclave is a vital equipment for your practice whether medical or dental.
Without it you are unable to sterilize your instruments vital to your patient’s well-being. It kills germs and disinfects as the cycle is completed.

At Ventura Medtech Solutions, we go above and beyond performing routine maintenance from just replacement of parts. When we perform our scheduled maintenance, our technicians come equipped with PM kits, distilled water and everything that is necessary for your autoclave to perform the way it should. Let us not forget “thermal” grease which lubes the internals of your device while able to withstand temperatures exceeding 270 degrees Fahrenheit.

Microscope Maintenance the right way!!

If you are unsure how important it is to maintain your microscope then think again.

Microscopes whether simple or compound is comprised of mechanical movements, optics, switches, and electronics. From the objectives to the base, condenser, diopter, head, all serves a purpose and with proper maintenance and upkeep your microscope will continue to perform just like the way it came out of the box the first time you used it.

Ventura Medtech Solutions microscope maintenance procedure includes cleaning, dusting and removing any contaminants on lenses, objectives and optical pieces. Common issues with microscope are intrusion of lubricating agents on the lens which contaminates and affects readability and accuracy of what you are viewing. The worst-case scenario is that over time dust continues to accumulate on the lenses which creates a solid image that can cover areas of importance.

So next time you are looking for a company to help you maintain a clean “image” call Ventura Medtech Solutions today.

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